Customer Service First

The foundation of Highland Feeders is our commitment to the quality and sustainability of our operations. Highland Feeders recognizes that agriculture is a sustainable practice, and we offer the same diligence in our customer relationships.

Consider Retained Ownership

Producers are asking what the calf price will be in the fall.  Although no one can currently put a figure on that, this may be the year to not take a market price for weaned calves.  Retained ownership may be an option for you - essentially delaying the marketing of your calves for up to 230 days, and providing a greater opportunity for the market to adjust.

Our Services
Services that we offer consist of:

1. Offering cattle for "share" investments, based on a minimum investment of $100,000.00.
2. Feeding Cattle for customers wishing to retain ownership of home-grown calves through to slaughter, based on a 100 head mimimum.

We feature:

  • in-house financing - full or feed only
  • steel pens, capacity of 100-300 head
  • cement feed bunks
  • modern health unit/processing facilities
  • access to leading edge nutritional expertise
  • veterinarian-monitored herd health program
  • quarterly customer newsletter
  • no additional marketing or insurance fees.