Facility with Highland Feeders


The feedlot pens are built on a 2.5% slope on clay pack to optimize drainage. They feature concrete feed bunks and aprons, full five bar steel construction, and attached windboards. Underground water lines sourcing 9 licensed water wells provide fresh water to each of the livestock pens.

Steel alleyways and gates facilitate easy sorting, movement , and allocation of feeders to specific pens. Four animal health units (AHUs), designed to handle cattle efficiently, have metal clad exteriors, concrete floors, and professionally designed tub and chute systems to allow for processing of incoming cattle and the treatment of health challenged animals.

Each AHU (Animal Health Unit) is equipped with a medical room, hydraulic processing squeeze, computer terminal, hydraulic sorting gates, and sick pens. Constructed to meet the demands of heavy industrial traffic, the design of the feedlot's roads and alleyways incorporate efficient flow patterns for cattle movement, feed delivery, and the movement of incoming and outgoing commodities.

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