Commodity Pricing

Barley $8.50/bu...Please call to book a day and time

Wheat $10.63/bu...Please call to book a day and time

Straw Bales: Sisal twine preferred with a $0.50/bale premium for such

Must be pre-booked to ensure delivery space

Please Note:

Be aware, deer, moose, mouse, goose, and rabbit feces can carry bacteria and/or orgainisms causing diseases deadly to cattle! Please acknowledge the fact we cannot accept feed containing such and contact your local seed cleaning establishment to have it removed before calling us. Thank you!


Highland Beef has a new scale system! Please call the office for your Load ID number and to book your hauling dates and times.

Deductions for contracted grain:


BARLEY : 48 lbs/bu,  14.8% moisture

WHEAT: 60lbs/bu,   14.8% moisture 

OATS: < 36 lbs/bu,   >13.0% moisture

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