Highland Feeders Animal Health Crew


In preparation for this year’s feeding period, Highland Feeders Ltd. has focused on developing their very best Animal Health Team. The team consists of an Animal Health Supervisor and 5 exceptional Pen riders who are responsible for identifying and treating disease in the 36,000 head capacity feedlot. Animal Health protocol development and veterinary care training are provided by veterinarians from Feedlot Health Management Services, which is based in Okotoks, AB. Feedlot Health provides a broad range of world-class animal health/production consulting and research services, along with the associated management and execution tools, with the overall goal of optimizing feedlot animal health and production outcomes. Veterinarians are virtually on site 365 days a year and conduct monthly on-site crew training and health assessments. Additionally, Feedlot Health personnel provide bi-annual pen rider training through a dedicated Pen Riding Coach who specializes in disease detection, cattle handling, horsemanship, and ani-mal processing. Highland Feeders is very proud to highlight each Animal Health Team member as they look forward to a successful Fall Run.

Craig Onyschuk

Hometown: McCreary MB


  • Grew up on my family farm
  • Livestock and Ranch and Feedlot Program, Lakeland College
  • Montana State University, Horse-shoeing School
  • Lone Wolf Outfitters and Scoop Lake Outfitters
  • Ensign Drilling, Stoneham, PD Drilling
  • NBI Feedyard, Saint Micheals AB
  • Horse training , colt starting, horseshoeing


What led you to this career:​​​​​

It keeps me on a horse year round.

Least favorite job:

They all have shitty parts and you learn something from all of them.

What's something you’ve done, but will never do again?

Shoot a moose when the water looks only knee deep.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Hunting, fishing, starting colts, training horses

Favorite quote:

“His asshole was so tight you couldn’t pound a greased flaxseed in there with a hammer”


Shawn Powell

Hometown: Turner Valley AB



  • Jack Pine Grazing (pasture rider)
  • NBI Feedyard (pen rider), Saint Mi- cheals AB
  • Tongue Creek Feeders (pen rider), High River AB
  • Stampede Boys Ranch, Longview AB
  • Hartell Ranch, Hartell AB

What led you to this career:

I grew up riding horses and chasing cows and don’t much like operating ma- chinery.

Least favorite job:

Seismic - It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around.

What's something you’ve done, but will never do again?


What’s your guilty pleasure:

Horses, nice tack and roping

Favorite quote:

“If you are good at something, people will notice. You don’t have to tell them.”
“It’s better to remain quiet and be thought a fool, 
than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”


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